I Didn’t Go Far Enough...

by Jonah Goldberg

In the Goldberg File according to one of my favorite regular correspondents:

“….You should go back and add one more crucial point.

If there are millions of Muslims out there who hate what is being done in the name of their religion, and they don’t speak out against it for fear of criticism or threats from their co-religionists, then you know what they are? Cowards. A bunch of gutless cowards.

Mind you, I sympathize with their cowardice. If my skin wasn’t so brown, I’d be yellow! And I don’t level this charge at those Muslims who are unfortunate enough to live in countries where denouncing terrorism really could get them and their families killed. They have no moral obligation to commit suicide. Such people can’t be blamed for keeping silent.

But in the US, Muslims who denounce terrorism would be welcomed by their fellow citizens with open arms. If, say, 10,000 Muslims marched on Washington, bearing signs reading “Not In Our Name” and denouncing Islamic terrorism, they’d be feted as heroes. And if any Muslims responded with threats, the victims would have the support of the cops, the neighbors, and if necessary the US Marines, to keep them safe.

So why haven’t I seen just such a march on Washington, or some other mass expression of outrage from American Muslims? I can see only two reasons,equally shameful. Either they really are Osama-symps, or they’re gutless.

We should demand to know which.

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