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Hoping That Andy Richter Does Control The Universe


On its season premiere this week, “Andy Richter Controls the Universe” made merciless fun of political correctness and diversity sensitivity training—a hopeful sign of the times, as John Derbyshire notes in his column today. The show begins with a corporate contest to fill a job slot—and it’s clear that able-bodied white males need not apply, so the various cast members compete to find the most politically correct entry. Then Andy makes anti-Irish remarks in front of the winner—a black man who, it turns out, is also Irish. Off Andy goes to sensitivity training, although this is not a foregone conclusion, since no one on the corporate ladder sees any problem with anti-Irish remarks until it comes to the attention of an Irish executive. Meanwhile, Andy starts dating the new employee’s sister, who dumps him when he questions how he can celebrate her Irishness when he’s supposed to be seeing past it to her inner self (the fact that she’s black is a non-issue). They are reconciled, however, and Andy is relieved when it’s discovered that neither can stand “Riverdance.” Great stuff.


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