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Kathryn is not kidding about being a dork. Maybe I am too. True, I’ve never understood the whole Star Trek thing, and I outgrew comic books when I was 12. And I failed computer programming in high school. On the other hand, I played Dungeons & Dragons when I was a teenager, and got bullied by the cool kids, so I probably qualify. But I didn’t read Lord of the Rings until last year, because I always associated it in my mind with massive boogereaters like the, um, aromatic goober at my high school who used to talk, in that squeaky voice of his, about what a great world we’ll live in when men are able to build robots to reproduce with, so they won’t have to mess with girls. He wasn’t gay, just the nerdo di tutti nerdi. Anyway, I totally gypped myself by avoiding LOTR for so long. What a fantastic work of art! Now that I’ve said that, will I suddenly experience a deep and inexplicable longing to own the complete works of Weird Al Yankovic? (Shudder…).


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