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Getting Away With Murder


The Nuremberg trials were the final confirmation that Nazism was utterly discredited ideologically, morally and historically. By their conclusion, only the deranged and the wicked could deny the extent of Nazi crimes or the millions of its victims. Communism, unfortunately, has not been through the same process. The result has been that, in one form or another, surprisingly substantial traces of this venomous old ideology have managed to linger on, both in the former communist world and, in the West, in bastions of illiberal thought such as those frequently found on the campuses of this country’s universities. The crimes of communism are all too often passed over in silence or minimized in a way that would, rightly, be unthinkable in the case of the Nazi death toll.

While the victims are forgotten, the perpetrators of these crimes live on and, indeed, flourish. Here’s a story from the London Independent on Ieng Sary, a murderer in clover. Ieng Sary was ‘brother number three’ in the Khmer Rouge and an architect of the killing fields. These days he lives in comfortable retirement in Phnom Penh and is often seen “dining in the capital’s finest restaurants”.



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