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More from the EU’s ‘constitutional convention’, this time from the BBC. I have read and re-read this report in an attempt to decide whether it is ironic. Despite its humorous tone, I have a nasty feeling that it might not be, but judge for yourself. Here is an extract:

“Half-way through this week’s plenary session of the Convention on the Future of Europe, I noticed that two men appeared to be employed to sit, in turns, on the stage just behind the Convention President, Valery Giscard d’Estaing.

His sole purpose, it seems, is to push the president’s chair in and out when he decides to get up and stretch his legs. He does that quite often, and comes back each time with his huge ET-like dome of a head bulging with even bigger thoughts. The convention is a place for profound thinking. Nine months into its work, it is deep into the minutiae of constitution-writing. And make no mistake – the European Union’s future is in the hands of some very clever men and women.

Rarely a session goes by without a tribute to these “founding fathers”. Perhaps some day the cliffs of the Rhine will be carved with Mount Rushmore-like statues of the three key figures – the beefy former Belgian Prime Minister, Jean-Luc Dehaene, the silver-haired, arm-waving Italian, Giuliano Amato, and “ET”. ”

And, no, I do not think he is serious about that ‘Mount Rushmore’…

Via blogger Airstrip One, who is appalled. His update on Zimbabwe today is also well worth a look.