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Today, in a full-length piece, I point out some serious errors and misrepresentations in Andrew Sullivan’s account of my position on the Federal Marriage Amendment. Days ago, a sharp blogger named Justin Katz noticed Sullivan’s false representation of my views. This is a serious problem, and just as I did in my piece today, I again call on Sullivan to correct this error. Up to now, Sullivan and I have been able to debate this difficult issue of gay marriage with fairness and mutual respect. But this mistake is unacceptable and must be corrected. (By the way, the link to Justin Katz’s blog is having occasional trouble because of a change of server. You can also find Katz’s post by running a Google search on the terms “Kurtz,” “Sullivan,” and “equal protection.” Put quotes around “equal protection.” That will call up an entry headed “Timshel Arts.” Click on “Cached,” and you’ll be there.)


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