by Jonah Goldberg

Sorry I missed your post from yesterday. Yeah, I’ve been following the Iran stuff (how could I not with Ledeen on the team?). If calling for a protestant reformation works for making Iran a normal country, than I am all for a protestant reformation for Iran. If calling for a ban on sugarless gum helps make Iran a normal country, I’m for that too. But that doesn’t change the fact that the call for an Islamic protestant reformation doesn’t really mean what it sounds like. What these people mean is liberalization, perestroika etc. As I pointed out in my Islam Needs a Pope column, people confuse the Reformation with liberalization. They aren’t necessarily the same thing. The Wahhabis are the product of a “protestant” impulse against, for example, the more cosmopolitan attitudes of the Ottomons — who more or less served as the Catholic Church of the Islamic world for centuries.

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