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E-Mail Re Islamic Protestantism


“Subject: Islamic Pope?”

Well, if they actually do capture Rome, maybe.

Seriously, a unified Islamic hierarchy seems to pose more of a threat than a solution. If we agree that Islam now is something like Christianity before the Reformation in terms of its ambition and political maturity, we can also agree that on those terms Christianity before the Reformation wasn’t in great shape, and Catholicism suffered mightily from a series of artistically generous, but fairly corrupt Popes…

Imagine now if the Islamic Pope were to resemble less Khaled Abou El Fadl and more, say the Ayatollah Khomeini. Arguing that moderate Muslims should stand up and fight this monster would be more or less like asking Catholics to stand up and oppose the Pope. Not good salesmanship, no matter what the issue. It requires fighting an institution, one that would have to command great loyalty to exist in the first place. What we want now is for Muslims of good conscience to fight a bad idea. Over time, the whole structure might mellow out to where we could deal with it, but does anyone really think that, right now, the moderates would end up in charge?”


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