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Marvel Problems


Jonah, I have to say that I’m becoming a little disturbed at the direction
Marvel Comics Editor In Chief Joe Quesada is taking the company. First,
there was “The Truth” miniseries which now says that Uncle Sam experimented
on a bunch of blacks before they perfected the serum which turned blond,
blue-eyed skinny Steve Rogers into Captain America. Yes, the Tuskegee
(“syphillis”)experiments are part of America’s history, but is it really
“essential” to undermine the innocent WWII era creativity of Cap creators
Jack Kirby and Joe Simon with early 21st century cynicism? The gay Rawhide
Kid is the latest ( the mini-series will be called “Slap Leather.” Please.).
He’s not a famous character by any means, but it just seems like a way to
push a gay character out there. Since, the word is that the story treatment
will be humorous (“campy”, perhaps?), I have to wonder whether gays will be
thrilled about this development.

The undermining of social convention was always a necessary element in
Marvel stories, but it seems like the current crew is pushing it way too


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