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Contra Levin


I have a great deal of respect for Mark Levin, but find I have to disagree
somewhat with the thrust of his “selective outrage” column. First of all, in
the political “game,” “selective outrage” is played by both sides. Politics
being what it is, each side will have someone who’s actions are
embarrassing, illegal or fattening. But, usually the opposition will
highlight a failing in the “enemy” camp and overlook — intentionally or
otherwise — the faults of our allies. But, there is a more important point
here and it speaks to why conservatives have been the loudest to criticize
Lott. Fairly or otherwise, race is as much of an Achilles Heel to
Republicans and conservatives as national security is to Democrats and
liberals. A Democrat has to prove that he’s serious about national security
and defense policy, because the public and even the general liberal media
feel that they are weak in that area. Again, fairly or not, Republicans
have the rap of being racially insensitive (yes, even the black ones) and
they have to prove that they are “inclusive.” Otherwise, the media is always
quick to write the “Men in Hoods” script. Why provide them with the


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