Islam Doesn’t Need Martin Luther

by Jonah Goldberg

According to this email:

The Protestant Reformation was nationalizing primarily and liberalizing only as a secondary impulse. As the Germans were pillaging Rome, ( that is, the 16th Century pillage) they sought to destroy all symbols of any kind of humanist impulse in the city. Ask Zwingli whether he thought the Lutherans were being more liberal than the Catholics at this time.

Muslims need an Erasmus more than they need a divisive, radical, nationalist, narrow-minded Luther. If the PR would have held off for a few more generations, Thomas More, Erasmus, etc. may have been able to truly reform and heal Christendom instead of plunging a steak through its heart in the 60 years war. We may have been blessed with a humanistic and cosmopolitan Europe rather than the bloody nationalistic mess which ended in the ruin of World War I.

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