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Mike is demonstrating, once again, that he believes there’s no distinction between free expression and free speech. If the Klan wants to argue in favor of slavery, they have every right to do so. And if someone wants to advocate the lifting of child-molestation laws, he’s every right to do so. But I see nothing troubling whatsoever with a locality, say, the state of Virginia banning the public display of pictures depicting sodomized children and I see nothing wrong with the state of Virginia banning cross burning. I don’t think all speech or expression which fails to make Democracy richer or better should be banned, Mike. But that’s a red herring and you know it. I do think that some speech or expression can be banned or regulated if it causes demonstrable harm. Oh, and as some of the Justices noted, the Flag has unique status as a symbol of the government and therefor burning it counts specifically as political speech in a way that, say, cross-burning or kiddie porn do not.


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