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Take Your Organic Computer and Shove It!


So sayeth this reader:

Mr. Goldberg,

After so many days of discussing Trent Lott’s unthinking arrogance, I would have expected you to have a less condescending view of your own readers. You may find this hard to believe, but most of us don’t set out to write “terrible” replies. It’s just the best we can do. I’m sure that book editors fervently wish that prospective authors wouldn’t trouble them with so many “terrible” manuscripts.

Perhaps you could get advice from your fellow superstars (Leo DiCaprio comes to mind) on how to handle the annoyances of the great unwashed. Until then, I’ll make a deal with you. I won’t trouble you with my writings and I can certainly see to it that am not troubled with yours.

I hope the rest of you don’t feel this way.


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