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Southron Ethics


Rod: Can it be that there are actually _two different_ codes for male
Southrons? I’m thinking of Huckleberry Finn. In one part of the book he tells of a fight between two men on a steamboat. The whole thing is
bluster–though magnificent, wonderfully eloquent bluster–and foolery,
nobody gets much hurt and the two men involved end up looking ridiculous.
On the other hand, there’s that grim feud between the Shephersons and the
Grangerfords, where two families wipe each other out over some trivial–in
fact forgotten!–point of honor. Can it be that there is a South of
shallow, eloquent, chicken-livered braggarts, and another South of men who
say little but mean every word, who kill and die for honor? And that
Clinton and Lott belong to the steamboat-braggart faction? I’m just asking,
as a new American.


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