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I Told You So


Last week I wrote on NRO that, if Sen. Lott stays, it will make it much harder for Republicans to oppose the civil rights establishment on issues like racial and ethnic preferences. Sure enough, Sen. Lott himself yesterday appeared on BET and sang the praises of affirmative action, and the Washington Post reports today that “One possible casualty [of the Lott controversy] is Bush’s desire to replace race-based affirmative action programs with race-neutral selection devices.”

So Lott is, despicably, trying to take back his statement supporting the old system of racial preferences by saying he now supports a new system of racial preferences. That’s not progress. But maybe the Lott controversy actually gives the Bush administration the opportunity to do the right thing. The president should say, “There is no place in America for discrimination on the basis of skin color, and any political leader must be clear, consistent, and credible in opposing such bias. That’s why I’m calling on Trent Lott to step down as majority leader, and that’s why my administration supports an end to the system of racial and ethnic preferences that has, unfortunately, come to honeycomb our society.”


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