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Trent Lott: Liberal PiÑAta


From Congressman Bennie Thompson’s December 12 statement on Trent Lott:

“Trent Lott’s words have been received as very insulting and hateful by African-Americans and others who have stood up for equal opportunity and fought to bring an end to the plague of segregation and discrimination that continues to stifle our Nation. Even though his apology came five days late, he can show to those of us who were offended by his lack of sensitivity a potential to rehabilitate by supporting legislation aimed at improving the plight of people who felt the brunt of policies and practices advanced by the Dixiecrats.

“Sen. Lott can help to reverse the effects of his harsh and hateful language by pushing to raise the minimum wage, increase the stock of affordable housing, providing a prescription drug benefit to seniors and securing healthcare for the 44 million Americans who don’t have it.”