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Re: State of The Mess


A reader is very cross with me:

I am not sure which of your statements is more shocking and disturbing, that you think the civil rights community opportunism makes the remarks some how lessens the racist content of Lott’s remark to the point that he should be allowed to stay (and I note that certain NRO commentators especially Jim Robbins- appear to have switched from “I can’t believe he said that..” to “How dare the democrats or the public be so upset that they demand or make political hay out of Lott’s seemingly racist (repeated) remarks”) or that you apparently think that Rodney King’s deserved to be beaten like an animal by four cops, after being tazered twice while surrrounded by several other cops with their guns drawn- you sound disturbingly like those jurors who apparently after slowing the video of the beating down think he some how didn’t get his ass whipped or somehow deserved the beating for the high speed chase- him being unarmed and alone and such a danger to 12 or so armed cops (after being tazered twice) the whole tapped at any speed show that a R. King was unjusitified brutalized by cops….. AND that the two are compareable, as if some how showing the entire video of him complimenting Strom will some how lessen his words- first many people believe that because they were off handed makes them MORE not LESS likely to be his true feelings, and if we had any doubt to give to a man, his prior statements and life to date reinforce the notion that he meant exactly want he said.

It appears that conservative outrage over Trent’s seemingly racist remarks and anger over his hurting the GOP and their plantform,has morphed into anger and resistance because the other party and civil rights leaders are attacking him for those remarks and playing up some of the GOP less minority friendly eposides. I understand that their is no real “victim” here, but still it appears that conservatives at NRO are starting to defend Lott out of annoyance AND worse play down the significance of his remarks which it appears that NRO contributors got more so than most other folks and sooner. Instead of acting quickly and with determination by calling for Lott’s outster it appears that the GOP and some commentators have gone back to let the story die down over the holidays and leave poor Lott alone…HAD the GOP in the Senate quickly rebuted Lott and called for his removal, the GOP would have shown blacks and other minorities that we are welcome and they do want our votes and participation, instead they look annoyed and like they would prefer to keep Lott and his remarks are both not a big deal and probably generaly reflective of the party but are being forced by overblown outrage on the party of blacks, democrats and suburban soccer moms.

This is all nuts. First I said I think Lott should still go. Second, opportunism by racial activists doesn’t change what Lott said, but what Lott said doesn’t justify the opportunism. Third, anybody who read Lou Cannon’s book on the Rodney King incident knows that the videotape was selectively edited for a desired effect. Which is why the two circumstances are comparable in the manner I suggested. If Lott’s notorious comments are sandwiched between jokes about Hooters and Viagra, it certainly helps underscore his point that he was joking around. It doesn’t excuse the joke. But the CBC and the New York Times would have us believe that the entire GOP should throw out all of it’s policies to atone for the buffoonery of one man.


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