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Race V. Gender


Another reader:

Men and women are indubitably different, but that doesn’t justify segregation/discrimination. Neither does male discomfort. If it did, the Taliban would be able to justify their horrific abuse of women by saying seeing a women without a burka makes them uncomfortable or makes men act differently. Come to think of it, they did claim that. Does that mean you think they were correct and within their rights? Sorry, but the male discomfort/act differently argument has been made in almost every defense of sexism and yet, when the sexists have lost, it has turned out that most men were able to adjust after all. And at any rate, limiting the rights of one group in order to make another group happy is a legal disaster, because where does it stop? Would it be okay to forbid men to drive because male drivers are often more aggressive, and may make female drivers nervous and uncomfortable? Somehow I doubt you would think so, and I certainly don’t. So perhaps sexism and racism are rather less different than you believe.


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