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Affirmative Action Isn’t Racism


…According to this reader:

I have heard conservatives attest that “affirmative action is racism.” Racism entails acting upon the belief that one group is entitled to power and privilege because it is inherently superior to other groups. Even many conservatives will today admit that this belief is wrong and immoral.

Affirmative Action entails an attempt to assist members of groups that have been historically disadvantaged by the enactment of racist policies to overcome the damage done by providing them with rehabilitative opportunities that recognize the harm that has been done to their aspirations by racism.

It can be plausibly argued that Affirmative Action is not a good remedy for past racism in hiring practices, school admissions, etc. Alternative solutions should be proposed and tested. Affirmative Action cannot be called ‘racism’, however, because it does not imply a belief in the inherent superiority of those persons it attempts to empower; it in fact implies disadvantage and the need to receive a helping hand from individuals in a superior position. “Affirmative Action is Racism” is doublethink propaganda.


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