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Back in The Uk


Back in the old country for Christmas to be greeted by a depressing series of newspaper front pages. The London Times announces that “intelligence chiefs say al-Qaeda is active in Britain” and then adds to the gloom by publishing a rather frightening photograph of the new Archbishop of Canterbury with what looks like half an orange halo hovering behind his head (no link, fortunately available).

The Archbishop himself, a wildly over-promoted parson of leftish views, has just made what the Times describes as “one of the most intellectually ambitious and far-reaching speeches from an Archbishop of Canterbury for thirty years.” Now that’s not saying much, but it still seems generous praise for comments that, amongst other low lights, appear to reveal a real disdain for the notion of parental choice in education.

Conventional wisdom amongst the Right in Britain seems to be that the Archbishop is a good man, but misguided. Well, he’s certainly misguided.