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Rethinking The Mall


A friend read the Lileks screed I linked to earlier today, and responded: “This reminded me of a story a relative recently told me. She noted that her priest — Episcopal — had given his annual sermon against greed and malls, putting the usual spin on taking Christ out of Christmas. The next day a Russian immigrant family came to do some work at her house — can’t remember the details — anyway, the husband happened to mention that they wanted to finish up quickly that day so that they could get to the mall.

’We love the mall,’ he said, smiling almost beatifically at the thought. ‘When we first came to this country,’ he explained, ‘we went to this mall. It was
Christmas season, and the beautiful Christmas hymns were playing. I couldn’t believe it! Here in America, the songs of Christians were playing right out in public, for everybody to hear! It gave us such joy!’”


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