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I don’t want to make too big a deal about this, but what’s the opposite of being from Mississippi, a conservative, and a Christian? Why, a Yankee liberal Jew! Maybe he meant a Yankee liberal Baha’i, or a Yankee liberal atheist, or a Yankee liberal Muslim. But I somehow doubt it. And I somehow doubt that the Trent faithful in Mississippi will miss the message either — if this was the message he intended to send. And if not, what did he mean by it? I don’t want to be oversensitive here, but as a Christian who thinks he knows anti-Christian bigotry when he sees it, it bothers me to see a politician demagogue using the faith, as if Lott’s demise had anything at all to do with anti-Christian prejudice (who knew Lott was a big Christian, anyway?). The thing is, Sen. Lott and I come from a region in which many people believe that the civil rights movement was caused by of “Jew agitators from the North.” I’ve heard this said on a number of occasions. I find it hard to believe Sen. Lott really believes this, but I also find it hard to understand what he meant.


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