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Re: Pacifist Christians


A Washington-area law enforcement official read this, and responded in this way (I’ve removed identifying details):

“I was working in DC on 9/11. When we were heard the Pentagon get hit, we mistakenly thought it was the White House and ran over there. There, we were told the Capitol had been hit and we ran to the Capitol – full tilt all the way in wing tips. There we helped with the evacuation and reinforced the Capitol police. I went home that night in bloody socks and threw away my shirt because my tie bled all over it from sweat. The attacks of that day were very real to me. I can still recall my amazement at watching military aircraft hover over my city to defend it.

“When my wife and I went to church that evening, I resolved not to attend that church anymore. Soft people, safely removed from what happened were holding hands and singing songs of reconciliation and atonement (atonement?!). I’d have thrown a twenty at the organist just to launch into the Battle Hymn of the Republic if I thought she would have.”


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