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Crunchy Con Gets Wired


A faithful NYC correspondent writes:

“After a night of alcohol drinking and Gangs-of-New-York watching (just concluded), I parted ways with my comrades and headed over to the 33rd St. PATH station, for the ride home to Jersey City. Picked up a copy of WIRED Magazine at that skanky newsstand across from the McDonald’s sign (you know the one), and lo! I have violated my ‘no email after drinking’ rule in the hope of being the first to inform you that “Crunchy Conservative” made the WIRED Jargon Watch, along with ‘Newater,’ ‘Portal Shields’ and ‘Post-Traumatic Job-Switcher.’

“They define it thusly:

CRUNCHY CONSERVATIVE: Someone right of center of foreign policy and the economy but more liberal when it comes to issues associated with granola lefties, like the environment, homeschooling and alternative medicine.

“Homeschooling? Anyway. Neither NRO nor Mr. Dreher are credited, which is probably for the best. I can readily imagine ‘crunchy con’ turning into the ’soccer mom’ of the 2004 election, and the fewer people who know it was coined by Dreher, the better. I sure wouldn’t want that on my conscience. (‘Course if Old Strom was elected in ‘48, ‘Crunchy Con’ would never have been coined.)

“Anyway, I’m half in the bag and should probably call it a night. Merry Christmas.”

Back atcha, pal. Go put that free-range goose in the oven, open a bottle of microbrew, and imagine a Joe Strummer Christmas.


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