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There Is Still Time


A reader writes:

I’m a faithful reader of NRO and The Corner, but haven’t subscribed to NRODT
to this point because a) I rarely have time to sit down and read a print
publication while at law school and b) my law school has its own subscription
to NRODT that I can enjoy in the reading room on those rare occasions I have
the time.

Today, however, I was out shopping (with everyone else in Kansas City,
evidently) for my brother’s Christmas gift, but with little success. After
fighting the crowds for several hours with nothing to show and a lack of
ideas, I thought “magazine subscription.” But which one? No sooner did I ask
the question than images flashed across my mind of the regular pleas on The
Corner for readers to subscribe to NRODT. Then I thought of the hours of
thoughtful entertainment and enlightenment I’ve received from NR…I came home
immediately, got online, and ordered my brother’s gift subscription.

Thanks for simplifying my holiday shopping…merry Christmas!


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