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Dissing The Queen


One of the features of the British yuletide is the Queen’s Christmas message, shown at 3pm on TV on December 25th. It’s usually a perfectly pleasant blend of pap, pomp, platitude and pleasantries. This year she discussed the deaths of her sister and mother and, naturally, the success of her Golden Jubilee. In the course of this she mentioned that the celebrations had reflected Britain’s increasingly multi-ethnic heritage. Over on Channel 4’s 7pm news, however, the newscaster could not resist attributing these words on diversity to the royal “scriptwriters”. The insinuation, of course, was that her comments on this topic were insincere, a remarkable piece of editorializing in what is meant to be the ‘news’ section of the program.

I’ll look forward to the day when Blair’s speeches receive the same treatment.

Bernard Goldberg, Britain needs you.