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Dissing The Queen (2)


Channel 4 also ran, as it does each year, an ‘alternative’ Christmas message’: this year from Sharon Osbourne. I caught some of it – and it seemed OK, but the best of these alternative messages was a few years ago – from the always remarkable, and sadly missed, Quentin Crisp. As I recall, he concluded by advising viewers to immigrate to America.

Royalists should not despair entirely. At 2.35pm today, Boxing Day, ITV1 (the main commercial rival to the BBC) is showing The Queen’s Story : the sovereign’s extraordinary life, followed at 3.05pm by The Queen’s Story : the euphoria of the Coronation in 1953, succeeded at 3.35pm by The Queen’s Story : the roots of the royal family’s problems, and then concluding (for variety) at 4.05pm with The Queen’s Story : the death of Diana.

Ah, British TV – the best in the world (or so they like to claim)…


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