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Chocs Away


42-year-old Marlene Ponce from North Carolina, described in the London Daily Mail as “exuberant”, “tiny” and “sobbing and wailing with excitement” succeeded in breaking through the security cordon to present Prince William with a greetings card on Christmas Day. So far so good. It turns out, however, that the kindly Ms. Ponce also gave the prince a Christmas gift – “a large block of American chocolate”.

American chocolate? That wasn’t a good move. Despite the tragic absence of Marmite, pork pies and chicken-flavored crisps, American food is, on the whole, better than the offerings available in Blighty. This is, not, however true of chocolate. Hersheys may try their best, but if Marlene really wants to impress her prince she needs to go to a traditional British sweet shop and load up on Aero, Flake, Maltesers, Bounty and maybe a Cadbury’s crème egg or two.


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