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There’s been a rash of stories about how the giant media company had ties with the Nazis. On Monday the Wall Street Journal did a leader on how execs aren’t telling the whole story etc. The Times did similar stories in the Fall. Now, I think it’s safe to say helping the Nazis is never a good thing. But are we supposed to be shocked that a German publisher had to work with Nazis in order to stay in business? I thought everybody had to do this. Of course, there was no comparable problem in USSR, where there were no private publishers. And yet working directly for the Soviet State isn’t nearly as bad as working for a private German firm, maybe because if you held the Russians to that standard everyone would be guilty because everyone worked for the State. Anyway, if Bertelsmann is guilty of things we don’t know about, by all means let’s hear about it. But spare me the shocking revelation that Nazism in Germany was abetted by Germans.