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Greetings from Louisiana. Interesting story here in my hometown. After 9/11, some of the locals began to worry about a Saudi man who had purchased a house in the center of this small town, but who was rarely here. One of his neighbors supposedly asked him prior to 9/11 what he did for a living. He said he was a professor at LSU. After 9/11, the suspicious neighbor called LSU to ask about this guy…and the university had no record of such a person ever working for them. The next call the neighbor made was to the FBI. That’s the story I got from my family, anyway. Lately, though, I’d come to think of it as kind of an urban legend. But two days ago, I ran into one of the town’s leading citizens (I’m being deliberately obscure), who was asking me about terrorism in NYC. Come to find out this man is one of the Saudi’s neighbors, and he said the story I’d thought of as an urban legend was absolutely true. Said the Saudi hasn’t been seen around here since 9/11, but one local woman who wanted to buy his house tracked him down in Saudi Arabia, where the fellow expressed surprise to hear from her. Why would a Saudi want to buy a house and maintain a residence in a tiny south Louisiana town, where there are exactly zero Muslims living? Could it have something to do with the nuclear power plant five miles south of town? Just asking… .


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