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Next year, if I don’t make more than a dozen slots available and take more time to put together the “best of” the year on NRO list, I simple will kill it. Minutes after I swore I would never bother Aaron Bailey again with things to post over the holidays, I started realizing the many people who I left off the list–most egregiously the Derb. (How many NRO writers have a nickname?) The list, as Derb has noted, was a quick one; it’s far from all-inclusive. It’s based on emails from Corner readers, actually–as you may recall, we did an impromptu survey a few weeks ago. Of course, when you write “anything by Derbyshire” that means more work. I put it aside. And then, lazy holiday girl forgets. So, anyway, do know the list is nothing official–and far from all-inclusive. It’s just a few links (multiple numbers of) you all asked for–and not even all of those. You’ll note the Derb, Larry Kudlow, Jonathan Adler, Doug Bandow, Jim Boulet, James Bowman, Jack Dunphy, Roger Clegg, Ariel Cohen, Ross Douthat, David Frum, Robert George, Tom Hibbs, David Klinghoffer, Susan Konig, Dave Kopel, Mark Krikorian, Mark Levin, Michelle Malkin, Steve Moore, Joel Mowbray, Deroy Murdock, Michael Novak, Mac Owens, Mark Riebling, Dave Shiflett, John O’Sullivan, Ramesh Ponnuru, James Swan, and many, many, more regular and valuable contributors (I hesitate to ever stop listing them!) are missing. That’s not because they were not among the best pieces of the year, I assure you. We couldn’t–and wouldn’t want to–do this thing thing without them.


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