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G-Philes Continued


I’m over my speechlessness. The G-Philers are hemming and hawing now about the name of their site. I kind of know how they feel. I feel very awkward when people tell me they read my column. Psychologically, I still write the thing as if no one is reading it except a few friends, which in a sense is sometimes true. So when I see things like this site, I’m more than a but stunned. And deeply, deeply flattered. Thanks very much. No aplogies are necessary and the least I can do is check in from time to time.

Indeed, I am establishing a new policy: All sites which name themselves in a laudatory way after a NRO-nik will get mentioned and noticed here in the Corner. So yes, that means if tomorrow sprouts up, it will be mentioned here, so long as the context is complimentary. We will not be paying heed to — however much I would like to applaud such an effort. But, ImpromtusWatch, etc. These things will get our attention.