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Virginia Postrel has an interesting post over at (“Clone
Wars”). I think she goes wrong, though, in the following passage: “Both
neoconservatives and traditionalist pro-lifers accept the Blade Runner
definition of ‘humanity’: We are human, and therefore free, because we have
the right DNA and were born without ‘manufacture.’ As I’ve written elsewhere,
’They are the ones who measure the worth of human beings by the circumstances
of their conception and the purity of their genetic makeup. They are the ones
who say “natural” genes are the mark of true humanity.’”

Most of the traditionalist pro-lifers I know oppose the creation of human
embryos through cloning (or nuclear transplantation or whatever you want to
call it). But they have no doubt that the embryos thus created are truly human
beings. That’s why they are even more opposed to the intentional destruction
of those embryos than they are to their creation. (I’m speaking, again, of the
pro-lifers, not necessarily the neoconservatives.) In the debate over embryo
research, it’s not the opponents who keep harping on the fact that cloned
embryos are brought into being in a lab rather than a womb. It’s the


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