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Have a little piece up on the Media Research Center’s worst-reporting awards. Just realized I forgot to mention two of the memorable “notable quotables” that did not win, but is just so typical, both from CNN’s Daryn Kagan:

Anchor Daryn Kagan: “You know what, Kate? Shame on all of them. They’re sitting there playing politics in Washington. I know we have a lot of viewers at home, a lot of older people who their simple, simple request is just to be able to afford the drugs that they need.”
Reporter Kate Snow: “Yeah, they will say it’s a lot more complicated than that. And, you know, that there, again, there are policy differences and it’s hard to get agreement when you don’t agree on how to do it. That’s what they’ll say to that, but I think you’re right, that I think a lot of seniors are going to be disappointed.”
Kagan: “Tell that to our grandmothers and grandfathers and uncles and aunts who are just trying to kind of put together the bottom line.”
— Exchange August 1 during CNN’s “Breaking News” coverage of the end of Senate efforts to create a new prescription drug entitlement for senior citizens.


Daryn Kagan: “As that reporter was telling us, from Berlin, this isn’t over. They’re not sure if just the one gunman or there’s other gunmen out there and so the search and the situation at the school still goes on.”
Leon Harris: “It’s incredible, incredible.”
Kagan: “Not the kind of thing we want to export from this country.”
— Exchange on CNN about a school shooting in Germany, at about 10:25am EDT on April 26.


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