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Aaron Brown


I’ll stop soon…and stop picking on CNN, but I think MRC could write a book on Aaron Brown alone. (Anyone ever watch his whole show? I’m not sure it is possible…)

Here’s one:

“I find myself at exactly the right place for a reporter tonight. I’m annoyed at both political parties, and you can’t be more fair and balanced than that. Last night’s event in Minneapolis [the Wellstone service] — calling it a memorial insults the dead — was totally tasteless….Equally shameless has been the reaction received here. There may in fact be non-partisans upset with the event, they may in fact exist. They did not make themselves known in our in-box today. Instead, what we received was a series of identical letters….I don’t mean thematically identical; I mean literally identical. Word for word….So here is what last night proved: One side can be tasteless and the other side has the computer skills to cut and paste under the guise of genuine outrage. Which is worse? To me it’s a tie.”
— Anchor Aaron Brown’s “Page Two” commentary at the start of CNN’s NewsNight, October 30.

and here’s another:

“There is hardly a troubled place in the world he hasn’t visited, worked in, in a quest to bring peace and spread democratic values….Jimmy Carter told Larry King today he is slowing down some, cutting back. Age makes globe-trotting especially hard. But in many places, dusty and difficult places, James Earl Carter has brought hope and dispelled, as well as anyone alive these days, the vision of the ugly American.”
— Aaron Brown on CNN’s NewsNight, October 11.

I’ll stop now. Lot’s to read at MRC’s site. Enjoy.


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