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Another Victim of Victimization


It has always been refreshing to me that white Southerners have consistently refused to play the victim card, even when caricatured as drooling, interbreeding, redneck thugs. Alas, the Governor of West Virginia has demanded, and gotten, an apology from the University of Virginia for its pep band’s portrayal of a West Virginia female contestant on a parody of “The Bachelor” as an overall-clad, pigtail-wearing, square-dancer who wants to move to Beverly Hills. Said the governor in his apology demand, “[T]his type of performance merely perpetuates the unfounded stereotypes that we in West Virginia are fighting so hard to overcome.” And said that UVa president in his apology, “[We] crossed the line between humor and ridicule that … simple decency proscribe[] …. We respect our colleagues at West Virginia University and also West Virginians generally.” Ugh. One hopes that West Virginians generally can take a joke better—and aren’t as ashamed of overalls, pigtails, and square-dancing—as their governor.


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