Beastmaster & Cosmo

by Jonah Goldberg

As I sit here reading the papers etc, I flashed around the dial and stumbled on “The Beastmaster” — a terrible movie I really loved the first seven or eight times I saw it. It’s funny, whatever happened to Marc Singer, the guy who plays the lead. He was also the protagonist in “V” and in a few other things and then completely disappeared. Anyway, I bring all of this up for two reasons. First, introducing the concept of “movies we loved, but must now concede aren’t in fact very good” might be worthwhile here in the Corner. Second, and more important, the dog which rescues the young Beastmaster at the beginning of the film — eventually giving his own life to do so — looks remarkably like Cosmo. The movie dog is a bit heftier than Coz — probably because he’s a white German shepherd while Coz is a rich cocktail of the finest doggie ingredients — but he looks like his brother regardless. While I look nothing like the Beastmaster, — except when I’m talking to my dog.

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