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Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda


My sports-viewing is marred by constant regrets and second-guessing. I can still tell you at great length how the Yankees could have won the 2000 World Series if the Diamondbacks hadn’t pinch-run for Mark Grace in the bottom of the 9th (thus putting a fast-runner on first who interfered with Jeter’s attempt to catch Rivera’s errant throw), or, of course, if Rivera had simply made the throw to second cleanly. Well, anyway….Here are my two regret moments from the weekend: Why couldn’t the Cleveland Browns receiver who caught that pass with about two seconds on the clock tossed the ball out of bounds, instead of trying to run out of bounds, thus stopping the clock for a field-goal attempt? Then, in the Giants game, apparently the place-holder couldn’t have spiked the ball to stop the clock—as the color guy said at the time—because you can only do that after taking a snap under center, but couldn’t he have just thrown a quick incompletion? After the Browns game, I kept asking about five times, “Why couldn’t he have tossed it out of bounds? Why couldn’t he have tossed it out of bounds?” My girlfriend didn’t have an answer. Then, there is my Fiesta Ball regret—if Dorsey just hadn’t over-thrown that wide-open guy on second and goal in the second over-time….I wasn’t rooting for any of these teams in particular—but I just hate the little thing going wrong that costs someone a game, which is why I almost always—unless my team is directly implicated—root for the kicker on last minute field-goals, and was delighted when the Miami kicker tied the game on Friday night after what felt like 8 attempts to “ice” him.


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