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Giants Place-Holder E-Mail


E-mail: “The Giants game ends on a screwball play. Immediately Chris Collinsworth gets after Matt Allen, the Giants holder, for not immediately spiking the ball. Collinsworth exclaimed that this would have stopped the clock and allowed for another field goal attempt. Now because of this moron’s ravings, there are hundreds of news articles, radio & TV stories on the game and every single one parrots Collinsworth idiotic statement as gospel. The fact is under NFL rules Allen spiking the ball would have induced an intentional grounding penalty with a ten second runoff, thus ending the game. Only a quarterback taking a hand-to-hand exchange from the center, then immediately throwing the ball forward to the ground, constitutes a legal spike. Anything else is intentional grounding which results in not only loss of yardage and down, but a ten second runoff to boot. Matt Allen is now being barbequed for not doing something that would have been deemed stupid, once the pundits looked in the rule book, or contacted anyone who has ever refed a game.”


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