The Subtlety of Howell Raines, Tom Daschle & Co.

by Kathryn Jean Lopez

Tim Graham at the Media Research Center sends me this from last night’s Donahue:

Mario Cuomo: “You have Rush Limbaugh. Rush Limbaugh tells one side of the story. He exaggerates. He hyperbolizes. He is a master entertainer. There’s no question about that. He’s very bright. He’s probably a very good fellow, too. He does not discuss the issues. He does not debate the issues. He doesn’t want to give you a full view of the issues. He won’t even entertain a debate. He doesn’t want any kind of a debate. And he pleases a lot of people because he says what they want to hear. So does Bob Grant here in New York. So does the Murdoch papers, the New York Post. We don’t have counterparts on the liberal side of the agenda.

Donahue: “Why is that, Governor?”

Cuomo: “Because we believe in subtlety. We believe in telling the whole truth. We don’t want to exaggerate. Look, they write their message with crayons. We use fine-point quills.”

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