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Homeschooling and Rodents


From the listserv of New York City homeschoolers, this list of Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Like Owning A Pet Rat:

2. To many people, it just doesn’t seem right somehow.
3. Well, that’s OK for your family, but we could never do it….
4. Is that legal?
5. You must be weird.
6. People hope you don’t bring it up in conversation.
7. There are stereotypical images of both:
Rats smell, bite, are creepy; homeschoolers are
fundamentalists who stay home all day and shelter
their children from the world.
8. Everyone has a horror story to share:
Rats as big as cats attacking people; children held against
their will and abused by fanatic parents.
9. There is a suspicion you are irresponsible:
Aren’t you afraid they will escape/bite/attract wild rodents?
Aren’t you afraid they won’t learn to socialize/read/function?
10. Family members will forward articles about:
how animals make people sick; how homeschooling is
anti-American and undemocratic.
11. You will be given gifts of workbooks/Lysol.
12. No matter how much you love spending time with your
homeschooled child/pet rat, you will never convince anyone
to try it themselves.
13. Friends and family will talk about you behind your back.>>