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Wow, They Showed Me


Taking a full two days to “respond” to my critique of their silly self-congratulatory discussion of the draft, the gang at Tapped ignores all of the substance of my remarks to accuse me — and the Corner — of being unserious, in a “I know you are but what am I?” tone. I guess, it’s a fair point as far as pot-calling-the-kettle-blackism goes. But that doesn’t go very far. First of all, I challenge them to call my dog unserious to his face. They shall meet the wrath that is Cosmo. Or they may just get a yawn and a tennis ball. Fickle is his warrior’s heart.

More important, I think Tapped is playing the role of the earnest liberal to pitch perfect perfection (is that redundant?). There’s a huge difference between not taking yourself too seriously and not being serious. Tapped seems to take itself extremely seriously. While I make jokes about my dog, my belly and the pecuniary perfidy of the suits. Vive la difference! But I’ll stack the substance of my arguments — and the Corner’s — against theirs any day. Their assertion that conservatives don’t want a draft because it might make America a healthier society is a perfect example. The fact that there’s no humor or irony (never mind evidence) in their argument makes it almost impossible to take it seriously. Do you guys even know any conservatives? Anyway, maybe I was too harsh. But such liberal earnestness irks me mightily. At times I expect them to exclaim “And if you elect me student body president, we’ll have the best senior year ever!”