Why I’m Cranky

by Jonah Goldberg

Some people — especially readers who’ve received snarky emails back from me — might be wondering why I’m a bit cranky these days. I’ll tell you why, and I am not making this up. It’s because I’ve spent the last week on an all-vegan diet (not vegetarian, mind you. That would be cake — which I can’t eat because it’s got eggs and butter in it). Stop laughing, it’s true. Rich Lowry, the most awful human being on the planet, insisted it would make a great article for me to go all-soy and write about it for the mag. It has been awful. I can’t talk about it any more here because I have to save the material for the mag. But, I thought I owed people an explanation. Still, if you have any insights, recipes, or vegan bistro suggestions, please let me know.

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