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Re Re Derb Tv


As a matter of fact, I do occasionally stray off the Fox reservation. As a
Johnny Carson addict from way back in the 1970s, I occasionally, if
circumstances keep me up past my regular bedtime (10pm, like Calvin
Coolidge), catch one of the late night chat shows. If I could just keep my
eyes open into the small hours, in fact, I could be a big Conan O’Brien fan.
He has a silly, anarchic approach that appeals deeply to the still-British
part of my soul. Interesting guests, too. The other night he had Billy
on. I haven’t seen Billy
since his early career as a TV comic in Britain 25 years ago. Now he is
gray-haired and paunchy–strange how that happens. Not as funny as I
remember, either. He used to have a wonderful vein of scatological humor,
and British-born Boomers can recite whole Connolly routines from that
period. “I were sittin’ on the karzy, squeezin’ the blackheads oot o’ my
thighs. You know, the way you _doooo_… Joinin’ up the dots to make a
giraffe…” These people are all political idiots, of course, air-head
lefties–but hey, so was Einstein… [NB for non-Brit readers: "karzy" is
low-Brit slang for "toilet." I don't know the etymology, but have a vague
feeling it's one of those Arabic words the squaddies brought back from Egypt
and that other place--what's it called?--oh, yeah: Palestine. Like "bint"
for "young woman."] [NB NB: "squaddie" means "soldier of rank below


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