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Blegging: Hank Williams Bio


Rosie & I are going to see the Hank Williams play-bio-songfest
on Jan. 25th. I am a huge HW
fan. (Not so Rosie, who had to be patiently talked into it. “White trash
music!” she sniffs when I play HW. Rosie, in most respects a sweet and
charitable soul, has a streak of class snobbery. Amazing that after 16 yrs
she has still not woken up to the fact that SHE MARRIED WHITE TRASH.)
Anyhoo, it has occurred to me that I have never read a proper biography of
HW. Checking Amazon, I see at least three. One will be quite enough,
thanks–but which one should I read? Anyone know which is the best HW
biography? Answers to [email protected] please–my hotmail account silts
up with 250K emails promising to enlarge my organ/breasts/portfolio, so the
2K emails from friendly readers get bounced with “Inbox full” messages. I
wish Hotmail would do something about this.


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