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Anti-American Lemming


Ken Nichols O’Keefe is the guy I “debated” today on CNN International. Of course, I could be wrong, but he struck me as a barnacle of clichéd propaganda masquerading as a man of integrity. He’s leading a bunch of “human shields” to Iraq. He seemed to believe that risking his life automatically made his arguments right and honest. As if were I to agree to be a human shield for the Mafia, my action would be incontrovertibly morally correct. In the few short minutes we were on, the former U.S. Marine and soon to be Baath Party meat-prop suggested America was in on the 9/11 attacks, was going to war for oil, called me a coward (yawn), and mentioned a half-dozen times that Bush didn’t win a majority of the votes in the last election. It really is difficult to exaggerate how much this guy represents the pugnacious ignorance of the anti-war left. If Lenin were alive he would brief his staff on the meaning of “useful idiot” with this guy’s picture. It was hard to tell from the monitor, so I might be mistaken but I believe he has a fake tear tattooed next to his eye. For whom he metaphorically weeps, I could not tell you. But I can guess.


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