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E-mail: “I think the worst thing about these commercials is that they are so far from the truth as to actually encourage drug use. In other words, as anyone who has smoked weed knows, you don’t get violent on weed — you get passive. The one where the kids run over the girl on the bike is particularly insidious. If you’ve ever driven stoned, you know the problem is that you are overly cautious, not underly so. As for the one where the boy takes advantage of the girl, that’s kind of silly since many men who are stoned out of their minds have trouble getting an erection. So if anyone has ANY knowledge of weed and its effects, they know these ads are pure horses—. So it very well might cause people to take admonitions against truly insidious drugs (i.e. cocaine, heroin, pcp, etc.) with similar grains of salt. Further, the dangers these ads predict from weed use are actually MUCH more noticeable with alcohol use….”