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A notes on my piece today about Rangel’s draft proposal. In a more interesting follow up on my Rangel piece, I’ve discovered an excellent article in the latest issue (January/February 2003) of The American Enterprise magazine (not available online). The piece, by George Washington University professor Robert Cottrol, makes a very good case that an expanded ROTC program can supply the backbone of a homeland security force. During a crisis, a homeland security force would take pressure off the National Guard, which will be deployed overseas, and would also supplement overstretched local police, many of whom are in the National Guard, and thus away during a conflict. The advent of terrorism means that domestic targets will be vulnerable in time of war. But we no longer have the forces to guard those targets. A homeland security force would require only short enlistments, and thus could be made up of college graduates with an ROTC background, and no plans to make the army a career. This would be another way to recover the citizen soldier ethos, while still working through volunteers.


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