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It’S Still Abortion, However You Spin It


On the New York Times op=ed page today, an abortion supporter, Peggy Loonan (what are the odds?!), tells her fellow-travellers to stop trying to spin (NARAL’s changing it’s name to “Pro-choice America”—does that include in schooling, too??): “In order to educate a new generation of women on just what is at stake with Roe v. Wade, the abortion-rights movement should not shy away from blunt language and images of the effects of illegal abortion.” She argues that her side is losing because of abortion supporters’ euphemisms and “word-play gimmicks.” She has a point–these arguments would make a lot more sense if they weren’t wrapped in “reproductive rights” and “women’s health” cloaks. On the other hand, I’m not so sure they would wind up winning.