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He’D Almost Have to Be a Professor of French At Harvard


Andrew Sullivan’s quote of the day, is a real whopper:

“There is on the one hand the America of the New Deal, of Jimmy Carter, and even, more or less, of George Herbert Bush [sic] … But there exists today as well … a second America… a troubled and disturbing America, where pluralism is above all a mask for special interests, a Christian America (Ashcroft), bursting with revolvers (Cheney), arrogant (Rumsfeld), imperial (William Kristol), racist (Trent Lott), opportunist (Condi Rice), partisan (Karl Rove), the America of spying and denunciation (Poindexter), of conspiracy (Elliot Abrams) … of a rotten Enron-style capitalism, of the unlimited death penalty — the America, in a word, of George W. Bush. This symbolically Texan and overweeningly aggressive America wants war, cheap oil, and, incidentally, the crushing and total humiliation of the Palestinians: in a word imperial domination in its purest form. A short-sighted nationalism and capitalism, which scorn the have-nots, are its raison d’être … Europe, sooner or later, will have to separate itself from the new America … The fact that America, the eldest daughter of the Enlightenment, has become ‘a threat to itself and the entire world,’ as Anatol Lieven explained a few weeks ago in an article for The London Review of Books, is a very worrisome reversal of affairs.” – Patrice Higgonet, professor of French history at Harvard University, quoted in the French paper, Liberation, January 3.

It kind of reminds you that the most zealous ideologues often live far from the object of their devotions because they feel the need to prove their allegiance more acutely. It was true of Nazis in France or Romania and of Stalinists in America and just about everywhere else. And, it seems, it’s true of anti-American Euro-boobs.


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